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4 Kinds Of Prescriptions That Lead To Drug Abuse

July 14, 2022 – admin – Drug Crimes

Can you face criminal charges for taking OxyContin? Colorado Springs, CO

History has demonstrated that people can be addicted to many things: alcohol, tobacco, pornography, video games, plastic surgery and even social media.

One of the more well-known addictions is prescription drug abuse. While doctors may only prescribe a limited amount of pills each month, some people may become too reliant on a drug and seek alternative means to satisfy their addiction.

You may want to watch out for these types of prescriptions that can lead to drug abuse:


Painkillers may be one of the more commonly known prescription drugs that people abuse. People may be prescribed pain medicine to reduce muscle tension, aches or soreness (especially if there were broken bones or torn muscles). Withdrawal is often a danger when taking painkillers – this could cause someone to continue drug seeking to avoid withdrawal.

Medical marijuana

While there’s been a heavy push to legalize medical marijuana because of its healthy properties, that doesn’t mean it can’t be addictive. Using marijuana every day may not lead to overdose, but it could make the body dependent on its use, causing people to excessively use it without considering its negative effects.


Stimulants are often used by people with focus deficiencies – used much the same way people drink coffee, tea or soda. It’s easy for people to overuse their prescriptions to stay focused over long periods, against their doctors’ orders. Again, people may abuse stimulants to avoid withdrawal effects, which may lead to serious health concerns.


Depressants are often used to ease someone’s mind or to encourage sleep. These prescription drugs may have similar effects to medical marijuana and may be overused for relaxing properties. Overuse of depressants may cause someone to be unfocused, confused or distant in their life.

There may be serious drug charges against you if you’re caught carrying, distributing or using a drug without a prescription. You may need to seek legal help if you believe there is a mistake with the charges against you or an addiction led you to a mistake.

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