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3 Things To Know About Carrying A Knife In Colorado

November 10, 2022 – admin – Criminal Defense, Weapons Crimes

3 Things To Know About Carrying A Knife In Colorado | 719-757-1182

Many people carry a knife without any consideration of whether it’s legal to do so or not. Many people don’t realize that carrying some types of knives can lead to criminal charges in Colorado.

Understanding the laws surrounding knives can help you to ensure you’re complying with applicable laws. Remember, violations of Colorado’s knife laws can lead to felony or misdemeanor criminal charges, depending on the circumstances.

#1: Blade length matters for all knives

Colorado is an open-carry state for knives. If you’re going to conceal a knife, it needs to have a blade of less than 3.5 inches in length. Even if the blade of a knife is less than 3.5 inches, you still can’t carry the knife on school property because you’ll have a felony charge if you’re caught.

#2: Switchblades are only illegal in some circumstances

Ballistic knives are illegal to have throughout Colorado, but switchblades are legal in most areas. Certain cities have banned switchblades so be sure you find out this information if you’re planning on having a switchblade on your person.

#3: Exceptions are present for hunting and fishing knives

There are exceptions for knives that are for hunting and fishing. Statute 18-12-101 C.R.S. has specific exceptions in the definition of a knife for hunting or fishing knives, as well as those that are carried for sports use.

If you’re facing criminal charges for carrying a knife, be sure to explore your defense options. Taking the time to think about each one and how it can impact your future is crucial. Working with someone who has knowledge of these situations can help you.

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