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January 14, 2014 – admin – Criminal Defense

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Two wanted suspects as well as a third individual were recently arrested after supposedly getting into a car crash. The two suspects were wanted in Colorado Springs for the burglary of over 10 homes in the area as well as at least three in the Security-Windefield area, and the third person was supposedly an occupant of the car at the time of the crash. All were in police custody as of the media report.

According to the report, over a dozen homes in the Colorado Springs and Security-Windefield areas have recently been burglarized. Investigating officers hypothesize that when the two suspects saw a house they wanted to burglarize, they would knock on a door to see if anyone was at home. If no one was at home, the officers then believe that the two would break in through windows and back doors.

How the two suspects became wanted by the authorities is not entirely clear, but it could be tied to the fact that the police suspect that the two recently allegedly sold several items to a pawn shop. All three were arrested separately as they walked along I-25. They had apparently crashed the vehicle in which they were riding, and they left the scene before officers arrived.

All three suspects are currently in police custody under accusations of burglary. Colorado Springs authorities may believe that they have substantial evidence against at least two of the three victims. Nevertheless, it may take more evidence in order for the prosecution to actually obtain a conviction. As the investigation continues and more evidence is discovered, it is possible that the new evidence could work in favor of one or more of the accused individuals, which could strengthen their cases and ultimately affect the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Source:, Fugitives From Colorado Springs Arrested In Walsenburg After Crash, No author, Jan. 9, 2014

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