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2 Ways Plastic Straws Could Contribute To Drug Charges

May 22, 2021 – David W. Foley – Drug Crimes

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2 Ways Plastic Straws Could Contribute To Drug Charges

Police officers trying to accuse you of some kind of drug offense may need to get pretty creative in their efforts. For example, they might go through your trash or the memes you post on social media to try to implicate you. Other times, they will use common items that they find in your possession as evidence that you possess, use or intend to distribute illegal drugs.

Plastic straws are so ubiquitous that there have been multiple international efforts to stop people from using them. You would think with the millions of these tiny tubes floating around out that they would never cause any legal issues for you. However, plastic straws could contribute to suspicions of illegal drug activity in two different ways.

Some people use straws to consume their drugs

When people smoke certain drugs, they don’t directly inhale from a pipe or similar tool. Instead, they may heat the drug on one surface and then use a straw to inhale the fumes or smoke produced. Especially if police officers find someone with straws that have signs of burning or discoloration in their possession, that might give them reason to suspect certain kinds of drug abuse.

Some drug dealers use straws to transport powder drugs

Drugs come in many forms, and a drug may be available in many different forms. Heroin and cocaine are among the drugs that can come in a powdered form.

Transporting powder can be very difficult, but one only needs to look at a pixie stick to understand how a straw could be the perfect tool for transporting a few doses of heroin or cocaine. Straws with drug residue inside or bent over, melted or otherwise secured to look like containers could make police officers think you intend to transport or even distribute powder drugs.

Suspicions stemming from harmless objects might lead to drug charges that you need to fight to protect your future and freedom.

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