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2 Things To Know About Domestic Violence In Colorado

September 1, 2017 – admin – Domestic Violence

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A domestic violence accusation can cause serious problems for a Colorado resident. In some cases, for example, a father accused of domestic violence could be barred from seeing his children and living in his home. It could also result in an arrest and detainment in jail.

If you are accused of domestic violence, there are two things you should know about these charges as they apply to the state of Colorado:

  • Arrest laws are mandatory for domestic violence: In Colorado, police officers normally have the ability to decide whether it’s appropriate to arrest someone they suspect of having committed a crime. This is not the case when it comes to domestic violence. If the officer believes that an individual committed domestic violence, the officer must arrest the suspect immediately and book him or her in jail.
  • Victims cannot drop the charges: If the alleged domestic violence victim reports that a crime occurred, then later decides that he or she doesn’t want to pursue the matter, it doesn’t meant that it will be dropped or dismissed. Only the district attorney has the right to pursue or not to pursue the matter. Even the judge may not be permitted to dismiss the matter.

Were you accused of domestic violence in Colorado? Just because you were accused of this crime doesn’t mean that you’ll be found guilty. You’ll have every right to defend yourself against the charges, and you will not be found guilty or punished until — and only if — the prosecution proves you to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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